This is the tenth issue of hidden europe magazine published in September 2006.

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  • northern townships: Spitsbergen
  • Europe's lost synagogues
  • Prague's men in black (by Adam Daniel Mezei) 
  • mechanical monsters: where coal is king

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE: Frisian shores: the island of Sylt

BORDERPOST: cartographic curiosities: bagging tripoints

PEOPLE: in search of the Old Believers

FESTIVALS: the Polish Woodstock

HIDDEN HISTORIES: grave encounters

MUSEUMS: not quite... Goodbye, Lenin!

OUTPOST: "as waste as the sea": Rannoch's great moor

ROUTES: muscle power: draisine travel


  • harvest festivals 
  • preview
  • crossing the Danube 
  • nicely nautical! (by Karlos Zurutuza) 
  • the last picture show

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hidden europe no. 10 (Sept / Oct 2006)
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