Take out a one year gift subscription to hidden europe magazine for a friend (= three issues) and add a themed set of three hidden europe issues.

Every themed set covers the full range of hidden europe work. Choose from our wide range of themed sets to ensure that your friend's favourite topic is covered too! The numbers in brackets tell you which issues are included in each set.

Please specify below with which issue you would like to start your gift subscription - and also choose a themed set. Add a greetings message below and we'll happily include a card with the first issue to notify the lucky recipient!

price within Europe: 41.20 EUR / 37.30 GBP (or 39.24 EUR outside the EU) incl. shipping by airmail

price for destinations outside Europe: 51 EUR (the extra shipping costs will be added to the basic price of 39.24 EUR during the checkout process)


1 year gift subscription + themed set of 3 issues
Price: €41.20
Ex Tax: €39.24
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