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With Bulgaria joining the European Union on 1 January 2007, hidden europe drops in one of the countries more unusual communities - the tiny village of Rezovo that lies right on the Turkish border.

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On the face of it the River Rezovo is no different from any other river in this part of the Balkans. It runs through oak and beech forests, on through rich meadows and over bubbling rapids until it reaches the Black Sea. The coast here is one with plentiful capes and bays. Each bay is a perfect arc of sand, each intervening headland a panoply of coloured rocks shaped by centuries of erosion. Sporadic speculative developments are creeping down the coast from the north, but still they have not reached Rezovo, the tiny village that lies on the north bank of the river as it decants into the Black Sea.

Rezovo is an unkempt kind of spot.

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